Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 10

Wikis are great! I can see how useful they can be in our own library and potentially across the county. I posted on the 23 Things on a Stick wiki.

Thing 9

While Zoho Writer seems more like Word, Google Docs is simpler to use. There are fewer options but I can do what I want to do. Simpler is better.

Thing 8

For this thing, I started an eFolio. I found the templates irrelevant for the purpose of this project.

I also tried the Lazybase. Databases can be great for collecting, organizing, and distributing information. Look at my short database for the Things we are working on:

Thing 6

The trading card exercise was OK. It was easy to do but I am not sure of its relevance here.

I also created a ToonDoo. That seems very creative and can be used for a variety of ideas. You can see my ToonDoo here

I used a free tool call Jing to post my ToonDoo. You can learn more about it at It is a great tool to capture graphics and video from your desk top. It would be great for giving directions to web tools for the library...or for the activities for 23 Things.

Thing 5

This was very interesting. By bringing more than one thing together it seems to broaden the possibilities. I really like this one I like the idea of FlickrFling where it brings together Flickr pictures with new RSS feeds. I had some trouble getting it to work with a different feed than listed on the site.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Brasilia Window 2

Brasilia Window 2
Originally uploaded by Andy Howell
This is the best!

Flower - cropped

Flower - cropped
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Spring! Please come soon!